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Naya Rivera for Cosmo Latina

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Work, work, work.

I’ve been so busy filming that it feels like I’ve been doing nothing else. How’s everyone doing?

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[Naya] Rivera recently installed a stripper pole in her house and looked up ‘At Home Pole Tricks’ on YouTube to learn how to use it. ‘I’m still sore!’ she laughs. The most essential ingredient to a hot sex life is passion, says Rivera, joking, ‘We have sex in public. We have sex everywhere!’ Then she winks and says, ‘I’m just messing with you.’ A firm believer that ‘a lady should be a lady,’ Rivera says, ‘You can’t get lazy- it takes work.’ She has ‘tons’ of nice lingerie and once asked a stripper how she kept her skin so soft. ‘She told me to use baby oil instead of lotion,’ Rivera reveals, adding, ‘You always have to make an effort.’
Naya for Cosmo Latina (via nayarivra)
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Awe. Exhausting day?


Very. Save me!

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Worked much, huh?

So so much, Damian. What about you?

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